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New Expansion – Legends Return

In conjunction with the game's 7th anniversary, Digital has revealed the 3rd expansion for its world-renowned Kung Fu themed MMORPG Conquer Online, Legends Return. In this revolutionary expansion, players can expect an array of new skills, high grade equipment, new guild wars, gritty dungeons, intricate quests, a new class (Monk), and much, much more! According to the schedule, these thrilling features will be released in 3 chapters throughout 2010, beginning from this April.


In the mythical ancient Kungfu circle, an evil guild has risen in power to dominate the once peaceful world. Living under its terror, a group of courageous men and women has gathered to improve their skills to fight against the evil guild and bring justice back to people's lives. Experience the ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic, enjoy the endless beautiful scenery and mythical environment in which you can develop your own character and interact with other real-life and imaginary beings. This marvelous MMORPG conquers the hearts of millions of players.

Beautiful 2D artistic backgrounds and advanced 3D effects bring characters and environments to life. Sophisticated equipment system with exotic ancient weapon and customized motions designed for each weapon. A lot of treasured gems are waiting for you to explore, which will grant unimaginable power to its owner.

Five classes available (Trojan, Warrior, Archer, Taoist and Ninja), and a new class Monk coming in the end of 2010. Each class can practice unique weapons and skills. Trojan is good at dual weapons and close combat, Warrior is adept in the use of all kinds of weapons and combat skills, Archer can hit a target in a flash, Taoist specializes in magic of fire and water, Ninja has the most devastating attack but the lowest defense and health.