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Way of the Five is set in mythical ancient China and blends cartoony imagery with an esoteric backdrop. Inquisitive adventurers can explore the glistening frost covered region north of the great wall as well as the misty steppes south of the Yangtze River. Our story happens in this fantastic world, the mysterious orient.

Way of the Five is an MMORPG that aims to create a fun, friendly atmosphere and advocates players to build strong and interdependent relationships with other players within the game world, concentrating on communication and interaction between each other. This fact is emphasized by the individualized manner with which players can build their characters and work together in teams; each player can contribute their strengths to aid their companions' weaknesses. Additionally, the turn-based combat system also yields more time for chatting and strategizing. Way of the Five will continuously create more and more interesting quests, which will keep the adventure fresh and full of passion.